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These screenplays were developed for series television or feature films and are owned outright by me. Member of WGA/w. To download, click on the icon next to the title.

Bertolt Brecht Goes Hollywood

Based on true events, Brecht escapes Nazi Germany and finds himself in Hollywood, as he writes his play,
Galileo. *Best of Competition, UFVA 2011 Faculty Screenwriting Competition.

Juarez Blues

In this one-hour drama, a gringo drug smuggler must help the DEA bring down a Mexican drug kingpin.

In this half-hour comedy, the father must prove to his family
that men offer more than just semen to make the world a better place.

Welcome to My World

Written for CBS, two brothers who own a crime scene cleaning business help families who experience problems resulting from an unexpected death.

Death and Taxes

Written for ABC, an IRS agent cursed with too much common sense 
and absolutely no discretion points out follies of co-workers and unthinking bureaucracy. Agree or not - you’ll have to admit, there’s something to his twisted logic.

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